Learn Italian in Tuscany

Learn Italian with antiquated methods is certainly not easy.

When we think of the thousands of exercises to do, of the grammar that is not explained in the real context of everyday life, surely even the brightest student can be demoralized. To learn the Italian language quickly, in our opinion, it is necessary to offer our students a series of fun, interesting educational activities that are able to keep the attention of our students high.

There is no perfect method that can make everyone to learn Italian language quickly. Each student learns Italian in a different way, there are those who have a remarkable visual memory, others who listen and remember, still others who have to carry out activities using their hands or their body. For us, at Italian School Tuscany it is important to involve the student in the learning process using a variety of modern techniques also linked to listening to music, singing, and body movement.

Our director has developed two methods that have the purpose to facilitate the Italian learning process. The first is called Total Physical Response, based on singing and mime, the other is called Hands Eyes Feet based on body movement.

Learn Italian language is your goal, teaching the Italian language in an engaging way is our duty. We are waiting for you in Tuscany! Learning Italian is nice and fun with us! Relax, Beaches, Culture, Food & Wine… the best way to learn the Italian language!

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