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Study Italian? Why?


There are many reasons why many people around the world decide to learn Italian language.

From a last estimate it seems that Italian is the fourth most studied language in the world. 

We do not know if the data correspond to the truth, but without a doubt abroad there is a great interest in our culture and therefore also in our language. 

Italy means Art, History, Literature, Music, Fashion, Creativity, Fun, Nature (sea, mountains, hills and lakes).


There are people who study the Italian language because they love the musicality of his words, the Italian language is like a beautiful song that almost hypnotizes those who listen to it.

Students love to study the language because they unconsciously think about singing a language. And they probably will.


There are numerous students who approach the Italian language because they are very interested in the Opera. Some of them are real experts and now want to learn the language to better understand the words used in the works of Verdi, Donizetti ….

They are the same students who visit the Fenice, the Scala in Milan and many other important Italian theaters, where the works of their favorites are performed all year round.


There are many Italian immigrants in the world and many of them have now built their lives abroad, some of them managing to succeed.

There are countries like the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Australia where there is a very strong Italian presence, or of Italian descendants.

Just the latter in the last ten years have started studying Italian to return to their origins. In order to be able to speak with relatives who have in Italy, or who have discovered that they have, through the famous website:


There are also numerous students who try their hand at studying the Italian language because Italian is trendy and the Italian language is also synonymous with fashion and design.

Italian designers, or fashion houses such as: Versace, Armani, Ferragamo, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Bottega Veneta and many others have made Italy famous in the world.

The made in Italy design of number minds the interest in the study of our language. Products such as: armchairs, chairs, glasses … has further contributed to give prestige to our country and to indirectly attract


There are certainly many who decide to live in Italy for work, or because they have found their “soul mate”.

These people certainly need to learn Italian very well. Learning the language in this case is also a way of saying that Italian culture in general is also appreciated.




Then there are those who study Italian because they often travel to Italy, have their own home, or rent an apartment in a city of art, by the lake, in the countryside, or by the sea for some periods of the year.

So they want to talk to their neighbors and make new friends. Germans, Austrians, Swiss, French, English, Americans and many others often come to visit our beautiful Peninsula and stop for a few weeks, in which, knowing the Italian language, they feel at home.